Care and handling of your monarch doll


Our dolls are created from the finest organic resin and surface finished to a very high standard. To maintain the beautiful quality of your dolls resin we advocate using cotton gloves when handling.  This will prevent any transference of oils from your skin onto the surface of the resin.

Earrings / ears

Earrings - Please note that the doll's earrings have a purposefully narrow post to prevent avoidable wear to the holes in the doll's ears. Unlike vinyl which is more flexible and able to close around an object, resin is not so forgiving. Continual posting of earrings through the holes can cause wear which may result in the holes getting bigger. If you encounter problems with the earrings staying in then creating a slight bend in the post can help.

Feet / shoes

We have created our own unique resin shoes for the dolls which have all been hand cast in our studio. Please treat them with care and respect as they are not plastic!  Do note that the dolls have unique feet therefore  it is entirely at your own risk if you attempt to try shoes on from other  companies. 


We  will be creating more shoes for The Monarchs in the near future.


Hands - Whilst the dolls may look very similar to their 16" counterparts, they are much more delicate. Please do not pull on the hands and try to change them for dressing hands, we have not included them for a reason. The wrist joint is narrow with a small hook holding the hand in place. Unnecessary pulling on the hand may damage this hook. The doll's hands are fragile and delicate so we would not advocate pushing the hands through tight fitted sleeves where tiny fingers can be caught and broken. Any future clothing created by us for the dolls will always allow for easy and safe dressing

Hand Painted

All dolls are hand painted and body blushed, therefore no two are completely identical.