Georgiana Devonshire


This Anglo-Chinese beauty can trace her ancestry directly back to C18th British Royalty. Brought up in London's Belgravia, Georgiana attended the exclusive Bedales School in Hampshire where she first met her closest friends, Victoria London and Henrietta De Vere. After demonstrating a natural aptitude to music, especially singing at an early age, it was only natural that Georgiana would enrol aged 18 to the Royal Academy of Music, graduating 3 years later with honours.


A famed socialite and social influencer, Georgiana can always be found at the most high profile parties and events. Her main passions are music, fashion, shopping and Duchess, her Bichon Frise puppy. Due to her substantial trust fund, she has never needed to commit to a career but despite what can be perceived as a superficial life, Georgiana has developed a reputation for being a philanthropist.

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