Henrietta De vere



The daughter of a celebrity chef and PR guru, Harri has lived the majority of her life in the spotlight. Following her parents’ very public divorce, she spent time either in London with her mother or travelling the globe as her father continued to develop his culinary empire. As exciting as this time was, it was the time she spent in school which was the most stable and nurturing. It was also the place she met the two women who would be the biggest influences in her life, Georgiana Devonshire and Victoria London.


Harri lives her life in the full glare of public scrutiny and she loves it! Definitely a product of her generation, no one embraces the world of social media quite like Harri. From the age of 14 Harri had begun the process of documenting her life on YouTube and describes herself as a lifestyle vlogger, focusing on topics such as fashion and beauty, travel, food and fitness. With a very healthy following on a variety of platforms, she now has a higher net worth that Vix and Georgie combined. But do not let that pretty face deceive you, Harri is an extremely savvy business woman who takes nothing for granted. She is well aware of how precarious the world of social media is and has invested her earnings in an expansive property portfolio.

Henrietta DeVere – Rococo Flamenco, Madrid exclusive ltd25

Just who had received an invitation to the hottest parties this year was the subject of much debate amongst the drama and gossip channels. Harri of course made the cut, not just because of her own massive social media following but because the PR company employed to co-ordinate the events in the capital cities of Europe was owned by her close friend, Katherine Howard. The events were to celebrate the launch of the latest collection from Charlotte Stuart Cosmetics, entitled Baroque. Working closely with the designers at the Monarchy fashion house, Harri loved the Rococo themed gown she had chosen so much she wore a deep red version to the Madrid launch and an ice cream pink version in Rome.

Henrietta DeVere - Rococo Gelato, Rome exclusive ltd 25

Henrietta DeVere - Rococo Gelato, Italian exclusive Monarch ltd 25